Library Services & General Information for Visitors

The following services are available free of charge to all visitors:

  • Access to library books and other materials in open collections
  • Assistance in locating collections and services
  • Reference assistance including basic instruction for the online catalog
  • Guest access to computers on the first floor of the Killam Library

The following services are not available to visitors:

  • Interlibrary loan services
  • Access to Course Reserve materials
  • Remote access to our licensed databases

Categories of visitors that are eligible for a library card and additional services:

  • TAMIU community library member cards: community members can purchase cards which entitle them to circulation privileges. A community member must demonstrate local residency, fill out an application form, and pay $25 for a membership card for 1 year. Only individuals who are at least 18 years of age can apply. Only individuals, not groups, may be issued a community member card. Holders of community cards are also eligible for Wi-Fi access in Starbucks through the Office of Information Technology (OIT).
  • Patrons of Other TexShare Institutions or Public libraries: students, community, faculty, and staff of other institutions can bring TexShare cards to Killam Library and expect to use Killam Library as if they were community, students, faculty, and staff at TAMIU.
  • TAMIU educator courtesy card: area educators will be given cards which entitle them to circulation privileges. Teachers, nurses, counselors and administrators of public schools in LISD and UISD are eligible. An educator must prove employment by one of the local school districts and fill out an application for a card which is good for 1 year (there is no fee for courtesy cards).

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