Course Reserves

For Students

The Reserve Collection is made up of books and materials set aside by professors to ensure student access throughout the academic semester. Books and materials in the Reserve Collection can only be consulted hourly, daily, or several times a week according to status and availability.

  • Reserve materials: 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 24 hours/Overnight.
  • Ask for Reserve materials at the Circulation Desk.

For Faculty

Killam Library's Reserve service allows instructors to place books and articles on reserve for class use. Reserves may consist of required or recommended reading and help to ensure free access to books and materials that may otherwise be charged out, hard to locate, or out-of-print.

Please keep the following items in mind when placing Reserve Requests:

  • Request forms must contain Author, Title, Date information.
  • Place the word "PERSONAL" in the request Call Number space when you own the book/material.
  • Place the word "ORDER" in the request Call Number space if you would like the Library to acquire a book/material. Your request will then be routed to the Acquisitions Department for ordering if funds are available.
  • Please remember to renew online. Materials are not meant to be left on reserve in perpetuity.
  • Materials in the Reserve Collection will be returned to the General Collection or to the instructor if they are not renewed or claimed at the end of each semester.
  • Please keep in mind that the copyright law applies to books/materials placed on reserve (see below).

Reserve requests can be made in person or via campus email.

Things to remember about copyright compliance: The Right of First Sale allows us to place any library or personally-owned book on Reserve. However, copyright law contains many controversial sections. Please refer to Fair Use guidelines to determine what constitutes permissible copyright use.

*Questions regarding these policies should be referred to Malynda Dalton, Access Services Librarian, 956-326-2403,

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