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ArcView Geographical Information Software

ArcView Provides Users with six major functions:
  1. Manipulate and interchange map themes and layers.
    A base map is an empty map, with no content (Tabula Rasa). A theme is a particular content theme that can be placed as a single layer on a base map. Layers can be placed on top of each other, and reorganized on top of the base map.

  2. Providesn top of the base map.

  3. Provides prefabricated base maps and themes.
    Please select here for a description of maps and themes available on the ArcView CD-ROM.

  4. Provides geocoding functionality.
    Specific street address and major landmark data is incorporated into the base maps. This allows users to locate and pinpoint specific addresses on the map.

  5. Provides query functionality.
    Users can limit or highlight particular characteristics in a theme by performing a query or search within the theme.

  6. Allows users to import data from a database (dbf) or spreadsheet (tab delimited).
    This is accomplished by joining the external data to a map theme.

  7. Allows users to incorporate themes onto imported geographic image files.