RIO Online Catalog Tutorial:  Renew, Hold and Recall


Step One:  Access RIO Online Catalog

Text Box: Scroll Down

Text Box: From the Library’s main page, click on the RIO Online Catalog.From the Killam Library Web page, click on the RIO Online Catalog.



Step Two: Finding the Patron Log-in Page

Text Box: From the RIO Catalog page, click on the Patron tab of the menu bar.



Text Box: Scroll Down

Step Three: Logging On

Text Box: At the log-in screen, type in your TAMIU ID number and your last name in the spaces provided.




Step Four:  Your Patron Record

Text Box: Scroll Down

Text Box: Your patron account contains useful information about your library record: Charged Items, Fines, Blocks, Recalls and Holds can be viewed instantly.



Step Five:  Renew Books

Text Box: To renew charged material simply click beside the item and then select Renew from the drop-down menu.


Step Six: Create a Hold or Recall

Text Box: Scroll Down

Text Box: If you locate material that is charged out, you can click the Recall tab and then select to place the item on Hold or Recall it if its due date exceeds 2 weeks.



Step 7:  Verify your Request and Submit

Text Box: Be sure to verify your request by filling in your TAMIU # or S.S.# and any additional notes.