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Finding Aids: Farmer Native American and Hispanic Authors Collection

Alexie, ShermanIndian KillerSpec Coll PS 3551 .L35774 I56 1996Y    
Alexie, ShermanReservation BluesSpec Coll PS 3551 .L35 774 R74 1995NXX
Alexie, ShermanSmoke Signals (a Screenplay)Spec Coll PN 1997 .S6115 1998NX  
Alexie, ShermanFirst Dance on the MoonSpec Coll PS 3551 .L35774 F5 1993N  X
Alexie, ShermanOne Stick SongSpec Coll PS 3551 .L35774 O53 2000N  X
Alexie, ShermanThe Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in HeavenSpec Coll PS 3551 .L35774 L66 1994N  X
Anaya, RudolfoAlburquerqueSpec Coll PS 3551 .N27 A79 1992NXX
Anaya, RudolfoJalamanta (A Message From the Desert)Spec Coll PS 3551 .N27 J35 1996NXX
Anaya, RudolfoThe Legend of La LloronaSpec Coll PS 3551 .N27 1984N    
Anaya, RudolfoHeart of AztlanSpec Coll PS 3551 N27 H43 1988N    
Anaya, RudolfoRio Grande FallSpec Coll PS 3551 .N27 R56NXX
Anaya, RudolfoBless Me, UltimaSpec Coll PS 3551 .N27 B6NXX
Baca, Jimmy SantiagoHealing Earthquakes (A love story in poems)Spec Coll PS 3552 .A254 H43 2001NXX
Blake, James CarlosBorderlandsSpec Coll 3552 .L3483 B67 1999N?  
Brito, AristeoThe Devil in TexasSpec Coll PQ 7079.2 .B74 D513 1990NX*  
Chavkin, Allan and Chavkin, Nancy Feyl Ed.Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael DorrisSpec Coll PS 3555 .R45 Z465 1994N?  
Dorris, MichaelPaper Trail (essays)Spec Coll PS 3554 .O695 P37 1994NX  
Dorris, MichaelRooms in the House of StoneSpec Coll HV 640.4 .Z55 D67 1993NX  
Dorris, MichaelA Yellow Rraft in Blue WaterSpec Coll PS 3554 .O695 Y4 1987bYX  
Dorris, MichaelA Yellow Rraft in Blue WaterSpec Coll 3554 .O695 Y4 1987NX  
Dorris, MichaelMorning GirlSpec Coll PZ 7 .D7287 Mo 1992YX  
Dorris, MichaelPaper Trail (essays)Spec Coll PS 3554 .O695 P37 1994 c. 2Y    
Ed. Allen, Paula GunnSpider Woman's Granddaughters (Traditional Tales and Contemporary Writing by Native American Women)Spec Coll PS 508 .I5 S64 1989N?  
Eds. By Brian Swann and Arnold KrupatI Tell You Now (Autobiographical Essays by Native American Writers)Spec Coll E 89 .I24 1987N    
Eds. By Erdoes, Richard and Ortiz, AlfonsoAmerican Indian Myths and LegendsSpec Coll E 98 .F6 A47 1984N    
Glancy, DianePushing the Bear (A Novel of the Trail of Tears)Spec Coll PS 3557 .L294 P87 1996NXX
Glancy, DianeIron WomanSpec Coll PS 3557 .L294 I7 1990NX  
Glancy, DianeTrigger, DanceSpec Coll PS 3557 .L294 T7 1990NXX
Glancy, DianeOffering: Poetry & Prose by Diane GlancySpec Coll PS 3557 .L294 034 1988NXX
Glancy, DianeBoom TownSpec Coll PS 3557 .L294 B6 1997N  X
Glancy, DianePushing the Bear (A Novel of the Trail of Tears)Spec Coll PS 3557 .L294 P87 1996 c. 2Y    
Gonzalez, RayThe Heat of Arrivals (Poems by Ray Gonzalez)Spec Coll PS 3557 .O476 H43 1996NXX
Hinojosa, RolandoDear RafeSpec Coll PQ 7079.2 .H5 M513 1985NX*  
Hinojosa, RolandoBecky and Her FriendsSpec Coll PS 3558 .I545 B43 1990NXX
Hinojosa, RolandoClaros Varones de Belken; Fair Gentlemen of Belken CountySpec Coll PS 3558 .I545 C5 1986N?X
Hogan, LindaSolar StormsSpec Coll PS 3558 .O34726 S58 1997NXX
Lesley, CraigThe Sky FishermanSpec Coll PS 3562 E815 S58 1996NXX
Lesley, CraigRiver SongSpec Coll PS 3562 .E815 R5 1990N  X
Mora, PatBordersSpec Coll PS 3563 .073 B67 1986N?X
Mora, PatCommunionSpec Coll PS 3563 .O73 C6 1991N  X
Owens, LouisThe Sharpest SightSpec Coll PS 3565 .W567 S52 1992NXX
Owens, LouisOther Destinies (Understanding the American Indian Novel)Spec Coll PS 153 .I52 O74 1992NXX
Penn, W.S.The Absence of AngelsSpec Coll PS 3566 .E476 A63 1994N    
Peyer, Bernd Ed.The Sight SpiritSpec Coll PS 508 .I5 S56 1989N    
Romero, LeoRita & Los AngelesSpec Coll PS 3568 .O5644 R58 1995NXX
Ross, BruchacThe Girl Who Married the MoonSpec Coll E 98 .F6 R68 1994N    
Sagel, JimEl Santo Queso Cuentos; The Holly Cheese StoriesSpec Coll PQ 7079.2 S23 S26 1996N  X
Sagel,JimSabelotodo Entiendelonada and other storiesSpec Coll PQ 7079.2 .S23 S3 1988N   X
Silko, Leslie MarmonAlmanac of the DeadSpec Coll PS 3569 .I44 A79 1992N  X
Ulibarri, Sabine R.Mi Abuela Rumaba Puros; My Grandma Smoked CigarsSpec Coll PQ 7079.2 .U4 M5N  X
Uribe, Luis AlbertoBy the Lake of Sleeping Children ( The Secret Life of the Mexican Border)Spec Coll HN 120 .T52 U773 1996NX  
Urrea, Luis AlbertoThe Fever of BeingSpec Coll PS 3571 .R74 F48 1994YX  
Wagamese, RichardThe Terrible SummerSpec Coll E 92 .W34 1996NX  

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