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Library Acquisitions/Collection Development FAQ

How can I know if the books/av I requested arrived in the library?

We encourage you to keep copies of the requests you send to the Acquisitions department. With this information on hand you can check TAMIU WorldCat Local for the status of your orders

What happens when my departmental funds are fully expended?

We will keep your book and audiovisual requests, and will order them the following fiscal year. We will order them within the same fiscal year if funds become available due to cancellations, discounts, etc.

What happens if my departmental funds are not fully expended?

Any funds not expended by departments revert to the library. Library liaisons familiar with information needs and use of faculty members in each academic unit will select materials in the corresponding disciplines from which funds reverted. In FY2011 we are asking faculty for a special effort in actively submitting book requests each month, from December 2010 through March 31, 2011. In coordination with the University Library Committee, the library has established target amounts to encumber each month. Library liaisons will aid faculty in selecting materials on a monthly basis if the library does not receive enough selections. The library needs to receive orders for approximately 25% more than the actual monthly target amounts. In general, allocations are over-encumbered to allow for non-receipt of some items.

Why does it occasionally take a long time for the library to procure the books I requested?

There are many factors that affect the speed at which we are able to obtain materials. Among them:

  • State contracts and fiscal regulations
  • The book market itself: Suppliers sometimes require prepayment before they send their books; sometimes new suppliers require a vendor ID number before we can do business with them. This ID# is often created after they fill out and send us a W9 form, which is a fiscal requirement in these cases. Books get out of print and we need to search through different routes. Publishers go out of business too.
  • As per the established workflow, we receive materials from publishers and “receive” them in Voyager, our Integrated Library System (ILS). We then submit all invoices for payment by the Business Office. Payments are promptly sent to our suppliers by the Business promptly (one or two days in most cases), but sometimes the process may take longer, depending on which type of funds we are using and the time of the fiscal year.
  • Internal procedures: Once materials arrive in the library, they need to be catalogued before being available on the shelves, paperbacks need to be sent to the bindery to reinforce them.

Who is my University Library Committee representative?

Each department has a faculty member representative in the University Library Committee (ULC). The ULC representatives for FY11 are:

  • Judith Warner, BASCJ (COAS), Term expires 2012
  • David Milovich, Jr., Engineering, Mathematics, & Physics (COAS), Term expires 2011
  • Penny Vlagopoulos, Language & Literature (COAS), Term expires 2012
  • Alfred Addo-Mensah, Biology & Chemistry (COAS), Term expires 2012
  • Stanley Green, Social Sciences (COAS), Term expires 2012
  • Holly Woodridge, Fine and Performing Arts (COAS), Term expires 2012
  • 1st Lt. Maricela Cantú, ROTC, Term expires 2012
  • Carmen Bruni, CNHS, Term expires 2011
  • Sergio Garza, Teacher Preparation (COE), Term expires 2012
  • Phu Hoang, Professional Programs (COE), Term expires 2011
  • Kimber Palmer, DIBFS (ARSSB), Term expires 2011
  • Rolando Peña-Sanchez, DIBTS (ARSSB), Term expires 2011
  • Rogelio Hinojosa, Killam Library, Term expires 2011
  • Jaime Ortiz, International Programs (IP) (new for 08-09); Term expires 2012
  • Phil Roberson, Teacher Preparation (COED), Term expires 2012
  • Rodney Webb, Killam Library Director (ex officio)
  • Brian Gaskins, Associate Vice President for Information Technology/CIO

Who is my library liaison?

A library liaison is a librarian assigned by the library to a department. Library liaisons facilitate in the selection of library materials and is the departmental link for collection development. Library liaisons also participate in library orientation, and coordinate with faculty members for information literacy purposes. Library liaisons can also assist in the use of databases that may also be useful in selection, such as Books in Print, Title Source, and Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory. These are the library liaisons (by academic unit): Department Librarian Liaison

How do I know if there are still funds in my academic department?

Budget status reports are available through your University Library Committee representative and Department Chair. You can also call the Acquisitions Librarian at ext. 2123, your library liaison (see list of library liaisons above) or send an email to rhinojosa@tamiu.edu asking for budget status information.

Are there any deadlines for requesting materials to the library?

Yes and no. Faculty may send selections to the library throughout the year. However, each fiscal year, departmental funds must be fully encumbered by April 1. As mentioned in the instructions for ordering books and audiovisual materials in this document, during the current fiscal year (FY2011) there will be monthly target amounts to encumber for each department from December 1 2010 to March 31, 2011, as follows:

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