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What are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic versions of print books. Like print books, the text found in eBooks is often enriched with photos, illustrations, graphs and tables. In eBooks, users can navigate through the text (e.g. easily search for specific passages) in ways not possible in print.

What is netLibrary?

TAMIU Killam Library has purchased approximately 12,000 electronic books (eBooks) from netLibrary. netLibrary offers libraries and organizations around the world the most comprehensive collection of electronic books, or eBooks, available. TAMIU in concert with netLibrary, makes it possible for you to access a wide range of research, reference and reading materials online.

TAMIU eBook Collection

The eBooks in this collection were purchased to meet the needs of our end users. In addition, when you search the collection, you'll note an option for publicly accessible eBooks — classic works of literature and history.

Accessing the eBook Collection

First, think about how you wish to use eBooks. If you only wish to search and browse eBooks, you will not need to create an account. In this case, skip to “Searching for an eBook” to get started. If, however, you wish to check out eBooks for an extended time and/or access them from outside of your library or organization using a PC with an Internet connection, you will need to create an account that identifies you as an authorized user. See “Creating an eBook Account.”

Creating an eBook account

Establishing an account allows you to check out an eBook or access it remotely, but you should first create the account from within your library or organization.

  • Ask your librarian or the netLibrary contact in your organization how to access the web page with the Create an account function. In most cases, you can enter www.netlibrary.com and use the Create an account link.
  • Enter your identifying information (user name, password, email address).
  • Select the Submit button.

Logging in:

Each time you wish to check o

  • Go to www.netlibrary.com and enter your user name and password on the right side of the screen.
  • Select the red Log In button.
  • You now have access to all eBooks available in your library or organization’s collection.

Searching for an eBook

Start your search in one of two places:

The Keyword Search box is located at the top right of your browser window on the main navigation bar. A keyword search allows you to search for a word or phrase in the title, author, Library of Congress subject heading, publisher, and ISBN fields. To perform a keyword search, enter the search term. Note: To do a phrase search, submit your search in quotes – for example, “small business.” Select the Go button to display search results.

To perform a more advanced search, fill in any or all of the fields that appear on the home page including title, author, subject, keywords, full text, publisher, pub year, and ISBN. Note: To do a phrase search, submit your search in quotes – for example, “small business.” Select the red Search button to display search results.

You have the option to select the Add to My Favorites box to the right of each title. This feature allows you to add titles to a list so you can easily access them at a later time without executing another search.

Browsing an eBook

You may browse an eBook without logging in. Browsing an eBook is the equivalent of taking a book off the shelf and looking through it. While you are actively using it, no other user will have access to it. If 15 minutes elapses without active use, the book is “put back on the shelf” and another user will have access.

How to browse an eBook:

  • Search for an eBook.
  • Select the eBook title from your search results to display the eBook Summary page.
  • Select the Browse this eBook online link.
  • The eBook is displayed. To learn how to use an eBook, select the Help tab at the top of your screen.

Checking out an eBook

To check out an eBook, you must first log in. Checking out an eBook gives you exclusive use of the eBook for the checkout period determined by your library or organization. The eBook is automatically returned when the checkout period expires.

How to check out an eBook:

  • Search for an eBook.
  • Select the eBook title from your search results to display the eBook Summary page.
  • Select either the Check out and read online link or the Download and read offline link. Both options automatically check out the title and place it on your eBookshelf. (To access your eBookshelf, you must be logged in. You can either select the eBookshelf link on the right side of the screen or the button located on the navigation bar at the top of the home page.)
  • If you select Download and read offline you will first need to download the FREE netLibrary eBook Reader.™ Select the Downloading eBooks link from the Learn More About eBooks section on the home page.

Must I be connected to the Internet to access netLibrary's titles?

Yes. To view, browse, and check out your library's eBook collection, you must begin online. After you have created an eBook account through your library, you may choose to download an eBook for offline viewing using the free netLibrary eBook Reader™ Software.

What are the minimum system requirements for the netLibrary eBook Reader software?

  • Pentium 100 or equivalent processor
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 20 MB of free hard disk space
  • Windows 95/98, NT 4.0 or greater

Note: Not compatible with Macintosh, WebTV, or any version of Unix

How long can titles be checked out?

The loan period is usually 24 hours. This loan period may be adjusted in the future as we gain a better understanding of user needs and interests.

What happens when the loan period expires?

The eBook will be automatically checked back in and will be made available to other users. You can also return the book before the due date by simply choosing that option.

Can I print an eBook?

You can print single pages of an eBook, much like you can print a single page of a print book on a photocopy machine. Sections of pages, within limitations, can also be copied and pasted into reports and presentations.

Who do I contact if I need more information?

Reference and Automation Staff at TAMIU can help you set up a netLibrary account and answer your questions about using eBooks. Need help over the telephone? Call the Killam Library Reference desk at 326-2138 phone help line. Questions can also be submitted by email to John Maxstadt, Head of Public Services.

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