TAMIU Faculty Authored Book Collection 2006

Fatemi, K.

International Trade and Finance Association, & Fatemi, K. (2006). Globalization and East Asia: Opportunities and challenges. New York: International Business Press. ISBN: 0789027437v

Laud-Hammond, A.


Laud-Hammond, A. (2006). Introduction to philosophy. [S.l.]: Mcgraw-Hill. ISBN: 0697584690

Parhizgar, K. D., & Parhizgar, R.

Parhizgar, K. D., & Parhizgar, R. (2006). Multicultural business ethics and global managerial moral reasoning. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. ISBN: 0761834281

Rama, D. V.

Jones, F. L., & Rama, D. V. (2006). Accounting information systems: A business approach. Mason, Ohio: Thomson Higher Education. ISBN: 0324301618

Thompson, J. D.

Thompson, J. D. (2006). Civil war to the bloody end: The life & times of Major General Samuel P. Heintzelman. Canseco-Keck history series, no. 9. College Station: Texas A & M University Press. ISBN:1585445355

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