TAMIU Faculty Authored Book Collection 2002

Dorne, C. K.

Dorne, C. K., & Dorne, C. K. (2002). An introduction to child maltreatment in the United States: History, public policy, and research. Monsey, N.Y.: Criminal Justice Press. ISBN: 1881798399

Dorne, C. K.

Dorne, C. K., & Gewerth, K. (2002). American juvenile justice: Cases, legislation, and comments. San Francisco: Austin & Winfield. ISBN:1572921005

Koch, R.

Koch, R. (2002). Composing ourselves: Sonnets about teaching composition on the U.S.-Mexico border. Santa Barbara: Fithian Press. ISBN: 156474387X

Parhizgar, K. D.

Parhizgar, K. D. (2002). Multicultural behavior and global business environments. New York, N.Y.: International Business Press. ISBN: 0789012618

Puckett, M. B., Black

Puckett, M. B., Black, J. K., & Black, J. K. (2002). Infant development. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0130986437

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