TAMIU Faculty Authored Book Collection 1994

Maria Jose Alvarez Maurin

Maria Jose Alvarez Maurin (1994). La frontera mito y realidad del nuevo mundo: Actas del congreso celebrado en la Universidad de León, los días 13 a 17 de septiembre de 1993. León: Universidad de León Secretariado de publicaciones. ISBN:8477194424, 9788477194422

Champion, D. J.

Champion, D. J. (1994). Measuring offender risk: A criminal justice sourcebook. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

Herbig, P. A.

Herbig, P. A. (1994). The innovation matrix: Culture and structure prerequisites to innovation. Westport, Conn: Quorum Books. ISBN: 089930933X

Thompson, P.

Jeffrey, J., Edwall, G., & Thompson, P. (1994). Memory and history: Essays on recalling and interpreting experience : Papers presented at a conference sponsored by the Baylor University Institute for Oral History in 1988. Lanham, Md: University Press of America. ISBN:0819194603, 0819195081

Landeck, M.

Landeck, M. (1994). International trade: Regional and global issues. New York: St. Martin's Press. ISBN: 0312102577

Thompson, J. D.

Thompson, J. D., & Cortina, J. N. (1994). Juan Cortina and the Texas-Mexico frontier, 1859-1877. El Paso: Texas Western Press, University of Texas at El Paso. ISBN:0874041953

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