TAMIU Faculty Authored Book Collection

Kamal Dean Parhizgar; Robert Parhizgar; Suzan S Parhizgar

Global principles of management and multicultural organization behavior Kamal Dean Parhizgar; Robert Parhizgar; Suzan S Parhizgar. Lubbock, Texas : Par Publishing Company, 2015

Organizational behavior global multicultural perspective Kamal Dean Parhizgar; Suzan S Parhizgar. San Diego, CA : Cognella, 2014.

Parhizgar, Suzan, & Parhizgar, Kamal. (2008). Multicultural Biomedical Ethics and Global Biosophical Moral Logic. Univ Pr of Amer. ISBN:0761839984

Parhizgar, K. D., & Parhizgar, R. (2006). Multicultural business ethics and global managerial moral reasoning. Lanham, MD: University Press of America. ISBN: 0761834281

Parhizgar, K. D. (2002). Multicultural behavior and global business environments. New York, N.Y.: International Business Press. ISBN: 0789012618

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