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Subject Guide: Education

Selected Databases

ERIC - (EBSCO): ERIC, the Educational Resource Information Center, provides access to education literature and resources. The database provides access to information from journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. ERIC provides full text of more than 2,200 digests along with references for additional information and citations and abstracts from over 1,000 educational and education-related journals.

Professional Development Collection - (EBSCO): In addition to full text, indexing and abstracts are provided for more than 700 journals covering education at all levels. Covers 350 peer-reviewed titles; also contains more than 200 educational reports

Education Module (Proquest): Gives users access to over 790 top education publications, including more than 615 titles in full text. Includes journals on primary, secondary, and higher education, special education, home schooling, adult education and related topics. Image articles include charts, tables, diagrams, and other graphic elements.

More Resources

MAS Ultra: School Edition - (EBSCO): Designed specifically for high school libraries, contains full text for nearly 500 popular, high school magazines including American History, Archaeology, Astronomy, Bioscience, Careers & Colleges,Congressional Digest, Discover, National Review, New Republic, New Scientist, Popular Science, Scientific American, Smithsonian etc. Full text is also available for 84,774 biographies and 100,554 primary source documents; also contains more than 350 reference books (including the Columbia Encyclopedia, the CIA World Fact Book and World Almanac & Book of Facts), an Image Collection of 235,186 photos, maps & flags.

Middle Search Plus - (EBSCO): Full text for 140 popular, middle school magazines, as well as for thousands of biographies and historical essays. Also includes reference works such as Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, American Heritage Dictionary, the Encyclopedia of Animals, and

Primary Search - (EBSCO): Primary Search,designed specifically for elementary school libraries and public library children’s rooms, contains full text for nearly 70 popular, elementary school magazines.

Selected Internet Resources

  • BRAINTRACK University Index - Links to college and university webpages worldwide, arranged by continent and then by country.
  • College and University Rankings - Developed by the Education and Social Science Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Presents a discussion of the methodologies of ranking and rating colleges and universities (Caution & Controversy) and links to most of the major sites which provide rankings and ratings.
  • Education Index - A megasite of links to educational websites, arranged by subject and by “Lifestage” (preschool, primary, middle, secondary, college, graduate, distance learning, continuing education, parenting, and careers). The sites are primarily intended for use by the target “Lifestage;” under “Secondary,” you’ll mostly find sites for secondary students to use, not sites about secondary education.
  • Education Week - “American Education’s Online Newspaper of Record.
  • National Center for Education Statistics - A site of the U.S. Dept. of Education for disseminating statistics related to education in the United States. Use the Electronic Catalog to access detailed statistical reports arranged by subject, or search for statistics by keyword in the Encyclopedia of ED Stats, Quick Tables & Figures, or NCES Quick Facts (try all three if you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time). The Global ED Locator has statistical and descriptive information on U.S. colleges and universities, public schools and school districts, public libraries, and private schools.
  • TASAnet (Texas Association of School Administrators) - A wide range of information of interest to Texas teachers and administrators, including government and school board relations, budget and finance, curriculum, teacher certification, community/parental involvement, professional development, legal topics, accountability and performance standards, and vouchers and charter schools. There is an Educator Job Bank of positions for administrators, teachers, and other school personnel, and a number of valuable links to school district and education-related web sites in Texas.
  • Texas Education Agency homesite - Links to TEA documents and other pertinent sites, including the complete TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) documents (under Curriculum & Assessment).
  • Texas Teachers Net - A web site for Texas teachers, with many chatrooms and chat boards, a mailring (email list) and notices of live events, and a Job Center with positions for teachers and administrators. This is a local division of Teachers Net (“The Ultimate Teacher’s Resource!”) which has a very large selection of services and information sources for teachers.

Print Resources

All subjects related to education are in classification L (including LA-LZ), excepting physical education which is in GV 201-555. L is on 3rd floor, GV is on 4th. These are the areas of the book collection to browse for education books.

Two important collections for education are the Curriculum Collection, and the Juvenile Collection. The Curriculum Collection is a collection of K-12 textbooks adopted for classroom use by the state of Texas. It is arranged by grade level and subject, and is located on the fourth floor of the library on the south side, at the beginning of the General Collection. The Juvenile Collection is a collection of children’s and young adult books. It is arranged by Library of Congress classification, like most of the library’s collections - most of the Juvenile Collection books are in classification PZ, which is fiction and children’s literature. The Juvenile Collection is in the Great Room on the third floor of the library.


Encyclopedia of Educational Research (REF LB 15 .E48 1992, 4 vols.) discusses research models and procedures and seminal research studies in such subject areas as attitude measurement and distance education. This source, though dated, can be useful in selecting and designing educational research projects.

Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology (REF LB 1028.3 .H355 1996), Handbook of Research on Curriculum (REF LB 1570 .H264 1992), Handbook of Research on Educational Administration (REF LB 2805 H2864 1999), Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning (REF QA 11 .H26 1992), Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education (REF LC 1099.3 .H35 1995), Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning (REF MT 1 .H138 1992), Handbook of Research on Science Teaching and Learning (REF Q 181 .A1 H35 1994), Handbook of Research on Social Studies Teaching and Learning (REF LB 1584 .H275 1991), Handbook of Research on Sport Psychology (REF GV 706.4 .H37 1993), Handbook of Research on Teacher Education (REF LB 1715 .H274 1996), Handbook of Research on Teaching (REF LB 1028 .H315 1986), Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts (REF LB 1576 .H234 1991), and Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children (REF LB 1119 .H29 1993) provide models and seminal research studies in more specific areas of education, as indicated in the titles.


Mental Measurements Yearbook (REF Z 5814 .P8 T45) supplies descriptions and reviews of published standardized tests.

Tests In Print (REF Z 5814 .E9 T47) supplies detailed descriptions and directory information (including how to order copies) of published standardized tests.


HEP Higher Education Directory (REF L 901 .E31a), The College Blue Book (REF L 901 .C64, 5 vols.), Peterson’s 4-Year Colleges (REF L 901 .P447), and Peterson’s Graduate & Professional Programs (REF L 901 .P442) are standard directories. Also useful is the CollegeSource Online.


Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Administrators (REF LB 1771 .W8) gives the certification requirements for all 50 states. A new edition is added to the collection every year.

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