Database Name: TELL ME MORE

TELL ME MOREŽ provides you with the most advanced language learning database on the market. Using the award-winning Communicative Approach, you will learn to speak your next language in the same environment you learned your first. With full language immersion and advanced speech recognition technology, TELL ME MOREŽ will keep you engaged and learning faster than you could imagine! Focusing on all major areas of language learning (speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing), TELL ME MOREŽ is the best way to successfully learn a new language. Offering more content and activities than any competing product, TELL ME MOREŽ language learning is the only program focusing on these crucial four areas, teaching you all of the skills necessary to become truly language proficient. Benefit from 37 different types of exercises to learn reading, writing, listening, speaking, and culture. TELL ME MOREŽ has been chosen by leading educators, linguists, and discerning learners who demand only the best.