Database Name: Mergent Web Reports Online - (Mergent)

Mergent is a company information database with detailed financial data and other information (officers, directors, recent events) for public companies in the United States and worldwide. When you enter the database, click “Search Mergent WebReports” in the upper right corner of the screen to search for a company. Make sure that the company name is correct, and even then you may have to scroll through a list of variations before you find the most recent report for the parent company or the branch that interests you. Click on the page number or the PDF logo and not on the type of manual (INDUSTRIAL, INTERNATIONAL, BANK & FINANCE, etc.). The screen may be difficult to read without increasing the magnification. Most company reports continue on the following page - use the page controls on the toolbar at the top left of the screen to move from page to page. If you have trouble searching this database, ask at the Reference Desk.