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How to Find a Journal Article?

Killam Library has access to over two hundred online databases, and over fifty of them feature full-text and full-image journal articles. These databases are arranged on the Killam Library Research Guides by subject.

For journal articles in a particular subject area, try the subject page for that subject area.

If your instructor has told you to use only articles from scholarly, professional, or scientific journals, look for the phrase "peer-reviewed" on the search screen of whatever database you select. There will generally be a checkbox on which you can click to limit your search results to peer-reviewed journals, which is generally what instructors want when they specify scholarly, professional, or scientific journals.

If you have any difficulty choosing a database, making your search, or finding and printing the articles you want, ask at the Reference Desk. If you are searching the databases from outside the library (during library hours), call 326-2138 to speak to someone at the Reference Desk.


Killam Library has approximately ten thousand magazines, journals, and newspapers, mostly in electronic format. You can see a master list of all the journals available through Killam Library by clicking Periodicals List on the left side of the screen. The list is alphabetical, so you will need to click the first letter of the first word of the journal title (not including a, an, or the). For example, if you are looking for The New England Journal of Medicine, click N, not T.

If you aren't sure of the exact title of your journal or you have trouble finding it alphabetically, you can also search for words in the title using the search box. The most effective option on the pull-down menu is "Title contains all words."

Once you find your journal title, you will see one or more links to databases which include that journal among their full text or full image holdings. You will also see the time period of the articles available in each database. When you click on a link and follow it to the selected databases, it may in some cases be necessary to make a journal (or publication) title search in the database. If you need help with this, ask at the Reference Desk, or call 326-2138 during library hours.

Sometimes, you will see a link that indicates that a journal is available in TEXAS A&M INTERNATIONAL PRINT HOLDINGS. In this case, Killam Library will hold at least some volumes of the journal in print format or microform. Unfortunately, the online Periodicals List will not tell you which volumes and years are available to tell you which volumes and years are available in print. To find specific volumes and issues of journals avaliable in print, ask at the Reference Desk or call 326-2138.

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